Looking for a Limited Edition Miniature? We can probably help you.

a) You must contact us a minimum of 6 months before you need the miniatures for your event.

b) The figure should be a 28 mm figure human size. A concept sketch or a very detailed description of your figure is required! This information should be emailed to: rolljordan@hotmail.com

c) We will accept or deny the project based on our schedule or if the project is considered unacceptable.

d) The cost of the project is 200.00 which provides you with 30 copies of your miniature. You can purchase 50 additional figures for 2.50 each (If you wish more than 80 figures, you can get them at 5.00 each (retail will be 6.50 each) If the project  is accepted we require 50% payment before we start. (If we can not provide you with the figure you want we will refund such cost in full with some free figs for the tournament)

e) We reserves the right to sell the remaining figures that you do not purchase

f) If you want less copies and the exclusivity of such figure this can be discussed. Note this might be costly.

g) If we fail to finish your miniature in time for your event, we will provide you with your choice of our miniatures equal to double of the amount you have paid us..

Casting service

We are capable of offering a casting service if requested. Contact us for more details.